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Prices and Offers for Northampton – limited time only.

Here are our latest prices and offers for Northampton, on for a limited time only! Give us a call today to get booked in with the best deal and we can answer any questions you may have.

Or you can text ‘DRIVE NORTHAMPTON’ to 63666 and we’ll call you back.

Our best ever sale!

You will never see our prices this cheap any other time of the year. Gift vouchers available with greeting card.


Offers for beginner drivers

1 Hour Taster Lesson
2 Hour Assessment
2 Hour Intro Lesson
10 Hour Block Booking
10 Hour Automatic Deal

Intensive / Block Courses

Take your lessons in 1-4 weeks

20 Hour Course
30 Hour Course

Standard Lesson Prices

1 Hour Lesson
1 Hour Automatic Lesson
10 Hour Automatic Rebook
Refresher/Qualified Driver
10 Hour Rebook

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